Health Benefits of Tiger Nuts, Dates, and Coconut

Looking for the health benefits tiger nuts, dates, and coconut?  All these three foods, tiger nuts, dates, and coconuts, possess amazing properties that are beneficial to human health. For example, tiger nuts contain several nutrients that ensure better digestion and reduce the risk of developing heart disease.

In this post, we will show some amazing health benefits of each of these foods. Are you ready to learn why you should add tiger nuts, dates, and coconuts to your diet? Join us on this interesting journey.

Health benefits of tiger nuts

We will begin our journey with tiger nuts. These chicken-pea-sized edible tubers are sweet and have a chewy texture. They are very similar to coconuts in their taste. We can trace tiger nuts back to Egypt when they were used for both medicine and food.

Tiger nuts contain several nutrients which is why they are considered as very important to human health. Here are some interesting health benefits of tiger nuts.

Boosts nutrition

If you are looking for a food that is rich in plant nutrients, look no further than tiger nuts. The nutrient contents of tiger nuts depend on the variety. There are three popular varieties including:

  1. Brown
  2. Black
  3. Yellow

These small nuts contain calcium, potassium, magnesium, zinc, protein, fat, iron, vitamin C, phosphorus, etc. They also possess strong antioxidant properties which help to slow down aging and prevent heart disease and cancer.

Improves digestion

There are several ways that tiger nuts help you to improve digestion. First, they contain a huge amount of insoluble fiber. The benefit of this is that they reduce the risk of constipation since they help to move food through the gut easily.

Tiger nuts also contain some resistant starch that the friendly bacteria resident in the gut feeds on. This also helps in achieving a smoother digestive process. The different enzymes present in tiger nuts help in breaking food down within the gut.

Improves heart health

One of the reasons why tiger nuts are great for the heart is their monosaturated fat content. their fat profile is very similar to what you get from olive oil which is also very healthy for the heart.

Diets that contain monosaturated fats are known to have less LDL cholesterol. Rather, they provide you with higher HDL cholesterol which is good for the heart. As a result, tiger nuts will reduce the risk of stroke, heart attacks, and other heart diseases.

Tiger nuts also contain arginine which aids heart health because the body uses it to synthesize nitric oxide. Nitric oxide aids the dilation of veins and arteries thus reducing blood pressure. Finally, tiger nuts help in blood circulation and the reduction of blood clots in the body.

Health benefits of Dates

Our next stop is dates which are controversial because of their sugary nature. Naturally, you will agree that sugary foods aren’t so healthy for the body. Well, dates don’t pose a threat in this manner since they contain natural sugar which is healthy for you.

Check out some benefits of dates below:

Rich source of antioxidants

Dates in different forms, whether fresh or dried, are antioxidant banks. Fresh dates are filled with carotenoids and anthocyanidins. Dry dates, on the other hand, contain polyphenols. What this means is that consuming dates helps to supply your body with a variety of antioxidants. It is no secret that antioxidants help your body in a variety of ways including protecting your heart.

Create a blood sugar balance

This another important health benefit of dates. According to research, dates present you with a low glycemic impact. This is great for diabetic patients. Experts say that dates will help you manage blood sugar levels, whether you eat them alone or add them to a meal. You can have between six to eight dates without a dramatic shift in your blood sugar level.

Boosts brain activity

A single date, as little as it is, contains more than two milligrams of choline. Choline is a B vitamin that is recognized as a memory neurotransmitter. What this implies is that taking dates can help with improving brain activity which in turn improves learning. Because of this, dates are recommended for children and aged individuals at risk of Alzheimer’s.

Maintains bone mass

Women who have crossed the age of menopause are likely to experience a loss in bone mass. One way to avert this condition is to increase your intake of potassium. You have access to at least 140 milligrams of potassium in a single date.

Health benefits of coconut

Coconuts can be taken in different forms, as milk, tasty meat, and oil. Even the water in coconut has health benefits. Eating coconuts presents you with several amazing benefits. Let’s see some of them below:

Benefits heart health

According to research results, individuals that consume lots of coconuts are less at risk of heart disease. This is because coconut helps to reduce belly fat and improve cholesterol levels. These benefits are associated with reducing your chances of developing heart disease.

Promotes the control of blood sugar

Coconut is high in healthy fat and fiber content while it is low in carbs. As a result, eating coconuts will help to regulate blood sugar levels. The high fiber content also ensures improved insulin resistance in the body. This is a major contributor to this health benefit of coconuts.

Contains a healthy amount of powerful antioxidants

Coconut meat has a healthy amount of phenolic compounds that display antioxidant properties that protect the cells. With these antioxidants, your cells are protected from damage thus improving your immunity levels.

Mixing the three

When you consider the different benefits of tiger nuts, dates, and coconuts, you might be tempted to mix them all. If you are, then you aren’t wrong. A mixture of all three isn’t harmful, instead, it provides you lots of benefits.

One of the most profound benefits of mixing these three foods is sexual health. They all have strong aphrodisiac properties. As a result, mixing the three is bound to improve your sexual health and libido.

Wrap Up

Tiger nuts, dates, and coconuts all have amazing health benefits. We have shared some of them with you in this post. What other properties are there? Share with us in the comments section.

Fat Burning Fruits to Help You Lose Weight Fast

While exercising and lifestyle are very important to help you lose weight, fat burning fruits also play a huge role. Watching what you eat and what you don’t is key if you want to lose weight and burn belly fat.

There are several fruits that contain very low calories and are packed with lots of nutrients. These fruits also have a lot of fiber which gives you a full feeling to keep you off food for hours. You can eat these fruits at any time of the day, even between meals.

The good thing about fruits is that you can eat them anywhere you want. According to recent research, fruits help to speed up the process of losing fat. They are very efficient in pushing you towards your fitness goals. By now, you must be intrigued by this idea. Without further ado, here are some fat burning fruits you can eat to lose weight fast.

Fruits for weight loss


It is impossible to mention fruits for weight loss without talking about avocados. Many people are surprised at this considering how much fat avocados have. Well, avocados are rich in healthy fat content.

Avocados have a high concentration of omega 9 fatty acids. These fatty acids are monosaturated meaning they are healthy for the body. Avocados increase the rate at which your body converts fat to energy. This process helps to boost metabolism.

Eating avocados also help you increase the secretion of certain hormones that make it easier to lose weight. Some of these hormones send information to the brain telling it that you are full. As a result, you don’t have unhealthy cravings which can be your undoing on your fitness journey.


We cannot discuss fat burning fruits without mention apples as well. Apples are wondrous fruits when it comes to losing weight. Why are they so instrumental?

Two major reasons. First, they contain a lot of fiber. The fiber gives a feeling of fullness which saves you from eating so much between meals. The second reason is that they have very low-calorie content. As a result, they are great for snacking.

But beyond this, what do they bring to the table? Apples contain lots of vitamins B and C. They also contain minerals and antioxidants. All these put together to ensure that your body acquires the energy it requires for metabolism. It also means that your body is left healthy with high immunity levels.


Every kind of berry is good for human consumption, they are generally very healthy. However, blueberries stand out from the pack for several reasons.

First, blueberries are a bank of antioxidants. This means that they are great for combating excess fats in the body. Second, blueberries contain so many nutrients that boost the body’s metabolism and immunity.

With blueberries, your body gains more efficiency in burning calories. Also, they possess a low glycemic index. How does that even affect your body?  It means that eating blueberries satisfies your desire for sweet foods. They do this without infusing your body with extra sugar.

Recent studies show that individuals who consume blueberries daily seem to lose weight faster. Do you want to lose weight and belly fat? You should probably consider adding blueberries to your daily diet.


Fitness experts suggest that if you add grapefruit to your daily diet, you achieve your weight loss desire faster. Interesting fact, right? The more interesting fact is that when you add grapefruit, you don’t have to alter the rest of your diet. How amazing.

Why is grapefruit so efficient with burning fat? There are several reasons. One of the most paramount reasons is that it contains a lot of water. This water helps to purify your system from within. While doing this, the water keeps you satiated and hydrated.

Asides the multipurpose water content, grapefruit also contains fat-burning enzymes. These qualities make grapefruit one of the most important fat burning fruits of all time. Finally, you consume more energy eating grapefruits than most other fruits. As a result, you already start burning the calories from your first bite.


You are probably wondering what coconut is doing on our list of fat burning fruits. Well, the first thing to note about coconuts is that they are sweet and filling. This means that you can snack on them a couple of times each day.

Coconuts also contain a lot of fiber that keep you feeling full for long periods. So at the end of the day, you’d be consuming fewer calories. But all of these are regular facts, what makes coconuts so special?

They have a high content of medium-chain triglycerides also known as MCTs. What do these bring to the table? MCTs help to boost the body’s metabolism rate. The content present in coconuts can raise your metabolism rate by up to 30 percent.


Pomegranates contain polyphenol antioxidants. These antioxidants also play a major role to boost the body’s metabolism rate. They also play a role in ensuring that your body rids itself of toxins.

What’s more? When you eat pomegranates, they help to reduce your appetite levels. Because of this, we advise that you drink one glass of pomegranate juice after breakfast. You can also add it to your salad at lunch.

Do you have a sweet tooth? Pomegranates contain natural sweeteners that meet this need. They are also perfect for snacking between meals.


We all know about lemons and their detoxifying abilities. Well, lemons can do a lot more because of how much nutrients they possess. That’s why there is no contesting their place on our list of fat burning fruits.

Lemons help you to detoxify your liver. Healthy livers make it easy for the body to digest food. But more than this, it helps the body burn fat faster and with less stress.

Here’s the bottom line. Since lemons help your liver to assist the body to avoid fat accumulation, they are great for weight loss.


There is so much about watermelons that makes them so amiable. It goes beyond the succulent red fleshy part of this amazing fruit. Watermelons are one of the most potent fat-burning fruits ever.

Why do watermelons help you shed your weight fast considering their sugar content? One of the reasons is the high water content. The water plays the role of a natural intoxicant. They also possess natural fruit sugar that keeps the palate refreshed while curbing your appetite. This is a cool solution for people with a sweet tooth.

That’s not all. Asides the water content, watermelons also contain lipids. Both work in tandem to restrict fat accumulation in different parts of your body.


Just like many of the fruits on this list, oranges are very rich in vitamin C. This means that they are natural fat burners. But how does this work?

Vitamin C helps your body to maintain a steady and healthy metabolism rate. How does this affect you? The more vitamin C you consume, the steadier and healthier your body metabolism.

The overall result of this is an increased capacity to burn fat per exercise cycle. Do you now see why you need more oranges in your life? Asides burning fat, oranges are also healthy for a bowel movement and other aspects of human living.


You must be wondering why we will add bananas to our list of fat burning foods. We all thought that bananas were only great for increasing our energy levels. Well, bananas possess qualities that make them fit to be on this list.

Bananas are heavy meaning that they’ll help control cravings and hunger pangs. But that’s not all. Bananas also contain lots of potassium and magnesium. These minerals help in resolving digestion issues. They are also potent in burning fat thus saving you from bloating.


Many people don’t even know that pears are citrus fruits. Being under this class of fruits means that they have high fiber content and are also rich in potassium. These two properties mean that they are filing and take longer to digest.

Because of this, you are sure that eating pears mean that you’ll stay fuller for longer periods. Pears also contain a lot of minerals. As a result, they have shown great results in solving bloating problems and irregular cholesterol issues.


If you know anything about fat burning fruits, you’ll know that this list can’t be complete without strawberries. These fruits are natural fat busters. Eating strawberries empower your body to release fat-burning enzymes quicker.

These fruits also prompt the body to release adiponectin and leptin. Both hormones are instrumental in washing fat away from the body. That’s not all.

You can use strawberries to kick start your metabolism daily. They also can help your body maintain a steady metabolism rate.

Wrap Up

These are just a few fat-burning fruits, there are many others. While eating fruits is great, make sure you stick to fresh fruits and avoid canned ones. It is also wise to mix eating fruits with a healthy exercise regimen. This way, you’ll burn fat faster.

Fat Burning Foods For Healthy Lifestyle

Let’s spill the beans before we go any further. No food will make you lose weight magically. The only way to lose weight is to burn more calories than you consume. That being said, there are fat burning foods that you can add to your fitness regimen.

Since we said that there are no foods that help to magically lose weight, how do these foods work? Simple, they help your body stay fuller, rev up metabolism, turn off fat genes, or build muscle. So it is either you are converting the fat to muscle or you aren’t eating up as many calories.

Whatever the case is, let’s show you our list of fat burning foods that you can switch to. After reading this post, you should eat healthier and burn fat faster.

Fat Burning Foods

There are all kinds of food that burn fat. Some of them burn fat while you sleep while others do so during the day. Our list comprises of simple foods that you can get or prepare in your kitchen.

Cayenne Pepper

Whoever knew that the scorching sensation of pepper in the mouth had an effect on belly fat? Shocking, right? Well, according to scientific research, consuming capsaicin (a compound in pepper) helps to speed up abdominal fat loss. It does this by helping the body to convert food into the required energy.

That’s not all. Cayenne peppers also helped to reduce food consumption by acting as an appetite suppressant. Studies show that men that ate spicy appetizers ended up eating 200 calories less in later meals.

Don’t worry, you don’t have to chew the peppers directly. Simply add some to your meats, eggs, and grilled fish. That gives you your daily fix of cayenne peppers.


It is important to understand that not all carbs are your enemies. It is safe to eat whole-grain carbs, in fact, it helps you lose more weight. That must be interesting news if you love to eat oatmeal.

Research results show that people that ate more oatmeal daily reduced belly fat by 10 percent. An interesting statistic for a food that is loaded with carbs. Oatmeal is filled with carbs which means that it doesn’t digest quickly and it keeps you full for long.

Sweet Potatoes

This is another interesting meal you should try out a lot more if you want to lose weight. Sweet potatoes fall into the category of slow carbs. What does that even mean?

Just like the name implies, slow carbs digest very slowly so they don’t blast fat as quickly as other foods. The result of this is more energy for longer periods and a feeling of fullness to go with.

What are the ingredients in sweet potatoes? It contains carotenoids and antioxidants. Both help to reduce resistance to insulin and stabilize your blood sugar levels. These will ensure that your body is able to convert calories more efficiently to energy. They also contain vitamins A, B6, and C.

Dark Chocolate

Are you shocked that we are mentioning dark chocolate on our list of fat burning foods? No one said that you had to throw away all your indulgences just to lose weight. This should be great news if one of your indulgences was dark chocolate.

Research shows us that our stomach plays host to gut microbes that help to ferment chocolate. These microbes also boost the production of polyphenolic compounds that are healthy for your gut. A prominent example of such compounds is butyrate. This healthy fatty acid helps your body convert fat to fuel while turning off genes that cause inflammation.

If you want to speed up the fermentation process, you can add some fruit to your chocolate. This will also boost the release of polyphenolic compounds. Don’t forget, the chocolate must have a cacao content of 70 or more percent. These kinds of chocolates have more antioxidant polyphenols.


Eggs are very potent fat burning foods. It doesn’t matter how you like to eat yours. Fried, sunny side up, hard-boiled, or scrambled. All you need to do is deal with your eggs the way you want and eat them.

Eggs contain choline, one of the best sources actually. Choline helps to burn fat, especially the fat around the belly. What’s more? Eggs are one of the chief sources of lean protein. This means that when you eat them as breakfast, they’ll start the fat-burning process that lasts the whole day.

This makes it clear that that eggs aren’t your enemy as you once thought. Consuming eggs lowers your response to ghrelin and makes you consume fewer calories daily.

Black Beans

Some people term black beans as magical pulses. Considering what black beans bring to the table, these people aren’t wrong. If you are ever looking for a natural fat burning pill, you have that in black beans.

First of all, these beans help to meet your daily dose of resistant starch. This slow-digesting, insoluble fiber feeds the bacteria present in the gut. This process triggers the production of chemical butyrate that makes your body convert fat to fuel. It also helps to reduce inflammation that causes the storage of fat.

Hold on, there’s more. Black beans are among the top sources of soluble fiber. This kind of fiber keeps you fuller for longer periods. Over time, you’ll notice a remarkable drop in belly fat.

Pork Tenderloin

Once upon a time, we all blacklisted pork as a major cause of fat accumulation in the body. Research has shown us better, now we have a better picture of pork as a fat burning food.

How is this even possible? It all depends on what part of pork you eat. Dieticians and doctors recommend that you stick to the tenderloin. Do you know that the serving of pork tenderloin and skinless chicken breast shows lesser fat in the former?

Eating fresh lean pork over time will help you reduce waist size, belly fat, and BMI. You get all of this without reducing muscle mass. The speculation is that the amino acid profile of the protein present may be the determinant factor. It helps your body to burn fat faster.

Coconut Oil

There’s no better way of saying this than by stating that this oil in itself is a miracle. The fat from coconut oil makes you go skinny. Supplementing your regular vegetable oil with coconut oil reduces abdominal obesity drastically.

You can mix coconut oil with other oils like soybean oils if you like. The results are evident in different experiments carried out. Consuming coconut oil helps to trim your waistline because of the presence of medium-chain triglycerides. These are healthy fats that are burned as energy rather than being stored in the form of fats and lauric acid.

Chilled Potatoes

Let’s face it, not every white food is bad for your weight loss regimen. There are some white fat burning foods too. One such food is chilled potatoes, how so?

Chilled plain potatoes are one of the most filling foods you will ever find. As a result, eating potatoes will help you attain your flat belly desires. You can boil the potatoes and then toss them into the refrigerator. Afterward, you can take them out and make some potato salad.

Why do you need to toss the potatoes in the refrigerator? It is because of the cooling process crystalizes the tubers to develop resistant starch. This kind of starch takes a longer period to digest in the intestine. The result of this is that you don’t get hungry as quickly as you should. It also activates the action of butyrate to begin the fat burning process.


Looking for one of the best fat burning foods ever? Try oysters. They contain lots of zinc which work in tandem with leptin, a hormone that regulates appetite.

According to studies, consuming more zinc helps to increase the production of leptin in the body. Do this and you can lose weight faster since you wouldn’t be eating as much as you do.

Greek Yogurt

Greek yogurt is a very healthy addition to your diet in whatever form you want to take it. Some people prefer to take it as a recovery fuel after a serious workout session. Others prefer to add it to their smoothies.

Greek yogurt has the capacity to help build your muscle. It contains lots of muscle-building proteins making Greek yogurt a healthy snack. This snack also contains calcium and vitamin D. Both help your body reduce the production of cortisol which makes the body hold onto belly fat.

Some Greek yogurt everyday will help you keep belly fat away. Try some today.


There’s no need to tell the number of nutrients present in spinach. It contains so many energy-boosting nutrients like iron, folate, and vitamin A. These nutrients will help you keep your appetite in check. Add some spinach to your diet daily to help you enjoy the fat-burning benefits of spinach.


We hope that our list of fat burning foods will help you achieve your aim of losing weight? Like we said earlier, don’t depend on food alone, add them to a healthy exercise regimen. This way, you’ll get the best of these foods.

Best Vegetarian Recipes 2020

Once upon a time, we looked forward to potatoes and meat or something of the sort for dinner. Things have changed and we are looking for healthier food. No wonder top food companies are seeking ways to present us with the best vegetarian recipes.

Well, you don’t have to depend on them to get your vegan diet going. You can make yours from the comfort of your home. The great news is that these meals don’t take an age to get ready. Most of them are 30-minute vegetarian meals.

Let’s help change up your diet today with some of the best vegetarian recipes 2020. Check out some of ours below.

Healthy Vegetarian Recipes

Are you looking to cut down on meat consumption? Check out some of the best vegetarian dishes you will enjoy and how to prepare them in this section.

Hot Onion and Pepper Pizza

This is a crunchy pizza meal that is great for lovers of spice. The spicy jalapenos create an amazing contrast with the creamy cheese.

What you need

  1. Flour
  2. Cornmeal (for the baking sheet)
  3. 1 pound of pizza dough (it should be at room temperature)
  4. A small onion
  5. A small red pepper
  6. Yellow pepper
  7. A small poblano pepper
  8. A small jalapeno pepper
  9. 1 tablespoon of olive oil
  10. Kosher salt


  1. Heat your oven to 500o For some people, they prefer 475oF to avoid broiling.
  2. Pour some flour on a flat surface and spread it around neatly. This is where you’ll shape your pizza dough.
  3. Make sure that the dough is spread to about 14 inches in diameter in an oval shape.
  4. Place the dough on the baking sheet that has been dusted with cornmeal. You can then sprinkle some cheddar over the dough.
  5. Mix your peppers and onions inside a large bowl along with the olive oil and salt. Scatter this over the dough and toss into the oven.
  6. Bake this until you get a golden brown color. That should be within 10 and 12 minutes.

Each serving is loaded with saturated fats, protein, carbohydrates, fiber, and sodium. This means that you’ll enjoy a nourishing meal that keeps you full for long.

Chickpea, Quinoa Patties, and Spinach

If you love regular burger patty, you may even love this meal more. It presents you with a lot more flavor and nutrients plus it is great for weight loss.

What you need

  1. One-quarter cup of crumbled feta cheese
  2. A clove of garlic
  3. A seeded jalapeno
  4. Kosher salt
  5. Baby spinach (half cup)
  6. 2 scallions of quarter length (you can have extra for serving)
  7. Half cup of cooked quinoa
  8. 15 ounces of low-sodium chickpeas
  9. A tablespoon of olive oil
  10. Mixed green salad (use this for serving)


  1. Heat your oven to about 425o Blend your pulse feta, jalapeno, garlic, and salt to get a smooth paste.
  2. Throw in your scallions and spinach along with the pulse. Then add the chickpeas and quinoa.
  3. Coat your baking sheet with some oil and scoop the mixture in two tablespoon balls to the sheet. Flatten each scoop lightly and roast in the oven for between 8 and 9 minutes. By this time it should be golden brown. Flip then roast for another 7 to 8 minutes.
  4. Serve the dish with some green salad.

Each serving contains saturated fats, proteins, fiber, carbohydrates, and sodium. It is filling and leaves you full for long.

Artichoke and Spinach Pizza

If you like a cheesy vegetable pizza, then this is one of the best vegetable recipes you should try. Your family will love this meal and you may need to prepare it at least once a week from now. The good news is that this meal is low on calories and contains saturated fat.

What you need

  1. Flour (for the surface)
  2. A pound of pizza dough
  3. Cornmeal (for your baking sheet)
  4. Half a cup of small curd containing 1% cottage cheese
  5. 2 tablespoons of grated Pecorino Romano cheese
  6. 2 tablespoons of grated lemon zest
  7. Kosher salt
  8. 3 cups of baby spinach
  9. 14 ounces of artichoke hearts (drained, dry and chopped)
  10. 2 garlic cloves
  11. A tablespoon of olive oil
  12. Half ounce of Parmesan Cheese


  1. Heat your oven to about 500o Stick to 475oF if you think this much heat will result in broiling.
  2. Spread some flour neatly on a flat surface. This is where you will shape the pizza dough. Spread the dough to get a diameter of 14 inches in an oval shape.
  3. Move the dough to a baking sheet that is already dusted with some cornmeal.
  4. Blend the puree cottage cheese, lemon zest, pecorino, and salt in a food processor. Mix the spinach, artichokes, garlic, salt, and oil in a bowl.
  5. Scatter the spinach-artichoke mixture over the dough first before dolloping the cheese mixture over it.
  6. Bake for about 10 to 12 minutes until it is golden brown.

Wheat Spaghetti and Grilled Scallions and Asparagus

This meal will help you ditch the regular sauce and meatballs for your pasta dishes. It is very easy to prepare and will be ready within 30 minutes. Another thing you should know is that this meal helps to boost your immunity. It is filled with antioxidants and vitamin C.

What you need

  1. 12 ounces of whole-wheat spaghetti
  2. 10 ounces of mushrooms (trimmed)
  3. 8 ounces of asparagus
  4. A bunch of scallions
  5. 5 tablespoons of olive oil
  6. Half tablespoon of red pepper flakes
  7. Kosher salt
  8. A clove of garlic
  9. 2 lemons
  10. Grated Parmesan (for serving)


  1. Heat your grill to medium or high and cook your pasta to taste.
  2. Toss your asparagus, mushrooms, and scallions into a bowl. Add the pepper flakes, salt, and oil.
  3. Grill your vegetables for between 3 and 5 minutes so that they are tender. The cut the scallions and asparagus into smaller pieces.
  4. Squeeze the garlic into the same bowl and grate the lemon zest.
  5. Now add the spaghetti to the bowl of vegetables and squeeze in some lemon juice. You can serve with some grated Parmesan if you wish.


There you go with our best vegetarian recipes in 2020. We believe that our list has been helpful. If you have any questions about the recipes, drop them in the comments section.

Quick Vegetable Dishes to Add to Your Menu

Many people are turning to quick vegetable dishes these days. This is because they seem to be a lot healthier than our regular foods. Are you planning on going vegan and you are not sure about the best dishes to switch to?

Not to worry, we have put together a list of quick veggie dishes you can adopt. These meals can be fixed within 30 minutes or even less. That should be great news if you need a simple vegan fix. Check out our different vegetable dishes below.

30-minute vegetarian meals

All the meals in this section fall under quick vegetable dishes. It means that they can get ready in less than 30 minutes. Each one is colorful and tasty, from salads to vegetarian main meals. Let’s dive straight in.

Broccoli Fried Rice (Thai-style)

This meal is great and healthy because it sees you swap rice for some whizzed-up broccoli. Did you just smack your lips at the idea? Yeah, it promises to be a delicious and healthy fried rice alternative. The meal is packed full of proteins while it features very few calories. You can get it ready in just 25 minutes and the flavor and texture make it worth every second put in.

Veggie Fajitas

Looking for a speedy veggie dinner? You should try out this dish for your whole family. Place it in the middle of the dining table and let each member dig in for a treat. Some mild chili powder help to provide a kick to each wrap. Add some smoked paprika to the mix to give your fajitas some extra color.

Spicy Mexican Rice

This is one of the most interesting vegan rice dishes to try out. It is simple to prepare and will get ready within 30 minutes. You can either eat this meal alone or add some protein. It is great with crumbled feta, beans, cooked prawns, or chicken. Whatever the add-on is, simply stir through the rice to get the best flavor and color. This is great for a mid-week dinner treat with your lover.

Spiced grains with jammy eggs, spinach, and peas

If you like your vegetable dish to be a mixture of several colors, then look no further than this dish. This buttery freekeh gives you an amazing color riot that appeals to the eyes and taste buds. There’s no special method, simply put in your peas and spinach then flavor it with coriander, cumin, and some turmeric. A very interesting and tasty vegetarian main dish you can use to entertain your family over the weekend.

Butter and soy braised mushrooms

Mushrooms on their own are perfect for a vegan meal. You can mix them with several other ingredients to create amazing dishes. In this case, you’d be frying the mushrooms in soy, butter, and some ginger and chili. This is one of the easiest vegetable dishes to prepare. It is quick and packed with flavor and nutrients.

Seedy Salad with a dressing of Tahini

Are you in search of a vegan meal that is filled with prebiotic goodness? It doesn’t come in a better package than this veggie salad. This meal is a mix of resistant starch that you find in seeds with tahini yogurt dressing. We all know how tangy tahini can be. It brings that touch of exquisite and mysterious to this meal.

Pasta Salad mixed with capers, tomatoes, and bocconcini

Do you like some Italian in your vegan meals? This is one of the easiest ways to bring Italy into your dining room. Get some pasta salad and add diced tomatoes to the mix. Put in mozzarella cheese balls and your Italian-themed veggie dinner is served. Simple and tasty, just the way you like it.

Rice-stuffed omelet and pickled cucumber

If you love omelets in the morning, then you can give yours a lift with this dish. Simply add some fiery ginger, crunchy spring onions, and shredded carrot to the mix. This not only adds more nutrients to the meal, but it also ensures that you remain fuller for longer periods. It is one of the best vegetable dishes for weight loss.

MASH Burger

This is another 30-minute vegetarian meal that you could try out from the convenience of your kitchen. All you need is fill your burger with some spinach, avocado, halloumi, and mushroom. Within 30 minutes, dinner is served.

Halloumi Fajitas

How much do you love fajitas? If you are a fajita fan then you can make this simple dish to satiate your cravings. Create simple fajita wraps with some salty halloumi, crunchy red onions, and sweet red peppers. Within 20 minutes, your meal will be ready. It is a perfect vegan dish for a couple at midweek.

Baked Feta with chili, herbs, and lentils

This dish is creamy and tasty. Simply get some salty feta and put in diced red onions and some punchy chili. This is a very easy meal to prepare. It is vegan friendly and filled with very few calories. The most interesting part is that it’ll be ready within 25 to 30 minutes.

Spiced falafel burgers

Falafel burgers will compete with traditional beef burgers any day. For some folks, they are even healthier. Pack yours with some hummus, red cabbage, beef tomato, and some pickled chili. This meal can feed up to four people and doesn’t take so much time to prepare.

Allotment Burgers

If you are a green-fingered enthusiast, then this meal is for you. It is tasty and super-easy to prepare. The good thing is that you can get most of the vegetables you need for the dish from your garden. Put the veggies together and your meal could be ready within 30 minutes.

Wrap Up

There are so many benefits of switching to vegetable dishes. Most people are already making the switch today. While finding quick vegetable dishes might be difficult, we have made the task easy. We have provided you some easy to prepare vegan meals above. Do you have any questions? Drop them in the comments section.

Health Benefits of Onions According to Nutritionist

Many of us do not like onions because they make us cry. However, there are so many health benefits of onions, we shouldn’t go a day without them. The truth is that every vegetable comes with unique health benefits. Onions are no different as they are loaded with lots of nutrients.

Onions, just like garlic, leeks, chives, and shallots, are from the Allium genus. This makes them vegetables. They contain a lot of minerals, vitamins, and several powerful plant compounds. This makes them very important in sustaining human health.

From ancient times until now, man has discovered several health benefits of onions. As a result of research, we have discovered onion benefits for skin, onion benefits for men, onion benefits for hair, etc.

In this post, we will focus on the health benefits of onions alone. You should find this post interesting and enlightening as well.

Impressive health benefits of onions

Loaded with nutrients

The best way to describe onion is that they are nutrient-dense. What this implies is that they contain a lot of vitamins and minerals and have very low-calorie content. A medium-sized onion, for example, contains 44 calories which are very little compared to its vitamin, mineral, and fiber content.

Onions contain a very high amount of vitamin C. This nutrient is renowned for being involved in the production of collagen, iron absorption, immune health regulation, and tissue repair. Asides this, vitamin C is a very powerful antioxidant that protects the cells against damage from free radicals.

Onions are also recognized for their high content of B vitamins such as pyridoxine (B6) and folate (B9. These play a major role in the production of red blood cells, nerve function, and maintaining metabolism.

Finally, onions contain lots of potassium. This is one mineral that many people lack or do not consume so much of. Fluid balance, kidney function, muscle contraction, and normal cellular function are all dependent on potassium.

Great for a healthy heart

The antioxidants and other compounds present in onions are potent in combating inflammation, reduce cholesterol levels, and decrease triglycerides. This means that onions are very important to maintain a healthy heart and reduce the risk of heart disease.

The anti-inflammatory properties of onions are also potent against blood clots and high blood pressure. One of the flavonoid antioxidants present in onions is Quercetin. It has been recorded that it helps in avoiding heart disease and reducing high blood pressure.

Several pieces of research support these facts as the effect of onions have been studied on both humans and several animals. This is regarded as one of the most important health benefits of onions.

Contains lots of antioxidants

A simple way to define antioxidants is that they inhibit oxidation. Why do we need to inhibit oxidation in the human body? It is simple, oxidation results in cellular damage and is a major contributor to the development of diabetes, cancer, and heart disease.

There are more than 25 recognized flavonoid antioxidants present in onions. As a matter of fact, red onions contain anthocyanins. These are special pigments that give the onions their red color. It has been recorded that people who consume onions with anthocyanins are less prone to heart disease.

Anthocyanins protect the body from diabetes and different types of cancer. So this is the bottom line, if you want to avoid heart disease, diabetes, and cancer, you should consume more onions.

Contains cancer-combating compounds

Vegetables under the Allium genus are known to be potent in reducing the risk of certain types of cancer. Onion and garlic happen to be the most popular vegetables in this genus. The most common cancers that can be avoided using these vegetables are colorectal and stomach cancers.

According to several studies, people who consume vegetables under this genus are 22% less prone to stomach cancer. Again, 16% of these people are less likely to be diagnosed with colorectal cancer.

Wondering why onion has these cancer-combating properties? It is probably because of the high sulfur and flavonoid antioxidant contents of these vegetables. A simple example is a fact that onion contains onioninA which is a sulfur-containing compound. Onionin A helps to reduce the development of tumors and slow down the spread of lung and ovarian cancers.

Other flavonoid antioxidants present in onions that inhibit the growth of tumors are quercetin and fisetin. It is not on record that onions will cure cancers, but they can surely reduce the risk of having cancers.

Controls Blood Sugar

One of the major health benefits of onions is that they help to control blood sugar. This is why it is very important for people diagnosed with prediabetes and diabetes to eat lots of onions. According to one study, certain people eating 3.5 ounces of fresh red onion were able to reduce their fasting blood sugar significantly. Results showed that in four hours, they had reduced the sugar levels by 40mg/dl.

Even in studies involving animals, it is evident that the red onion is able to reduce blood sugar considerably. This is basically because onions contain some sulfur compounds that have antidiabetic effects.

One of these compounds is quercetin which interacts with the cells in the pancreas, small intestine, fat tissue, liver, and skeletal muscle. This way, it is able to control and regulate the sugar content in the bloodstream.

Boosts Bone Density

While dairy products seem to get most of the credit when it comes to bone health, several other foods contribute as well. One of such foods that ensure you have strong bones is the onion. Onions help to improve the mineral density of the bones. They also help to increase the antioxidant activity of the bones.

Better bone density means healthier bones this means there is less chance of having fractures and dislocations. Onions are also helpful in reducing bone loss thus preventing osteoporosis. By just eating onions, you can boost your antioxidant levels and reduce oxidative stress.

Possess Antibacterial Properties

Onions help your body to combat bacteria that have the potential to be dangerous. Examples of such bacteria include Pseudomonas aeruginosa, Escherichia coli (E.coli), Bacillus cereus, and Staphylococcus aureus (S. aureus).

One of the main benefits of onion juice is that it reduces the growth of Vibrio cholera. This bacteria is a huge cause for concern in developing countries. Particularly, quercetin is very potent in combating the development of bacteria. Several have presented us with lots of facts about how quercetin can be used in inhibiting the growth of Methicillin-resistant Staphylococcus aureus and Helicobacter pylori.

H.pylori is associated with certain cancers in the digestive tract as well as stomach ulcers. On the other hand, MRSA causes infections in different parts of the human body and it is resistant to antibiotics.

Boosts Digestive Health

Onions contain lots of prebiotics and fiber. These compounds are very important in supporting the health of the gut. Prebiotics are also fiber, only that they are non-digestible in nature. The only way prebiotics can be broken down is by the beneficial gut bacteria.

Boosting digestive health is one of the very important health benefits of onions. When gut bacteria feed on prebiotics, they create short-chain fatty acids. Some of these fatty acids include butyrate, propionate, and acetate.

According to results from several pieces of research, these short-chain fatty acids help to optimize gut health and reduce inflammation. They also enhance digestion and boost immunity.

There are several other advantages of eating foods that contain lots of prebiotics like onions. One of these advantages is that it increases your probiotics which are helpful for digestive health. These foods also help you absorb important minerals such as calcium better. As you know, minerals help to ensure that you have healthy bones.

Finally, on this point, onions contain fructooligosaccharides and inulin which are very potent prebiotics to the gut. They help in growing the number of friendly bacteria in this part of the body while improving immune function.

An Easy Addition to Regular Diet

Anywhere you go in the world, you will likely find an onion in each kitchen you visit. This is how popular onions are. People use them to add flavor to savory dishes as they can be eaten cooked or raw. You shouldn’t also forget the fact that onions boost your intake of minerals, vitamins, and fiber.

Let’s help you with a few tips on adding onions to your diet:

  • Add onions to the guacamole recipe to kick up the flavor.
  • Get caramelized onions and add them to baked goods.
  • Add onions to your different egg dishes like frittatas, quiches, or omelets.
  • Use sautéed onions to top chicken, tofu, and beef.
  • Throw some onions into your stir-fry dishes.
  • Use some garlic and onion as the base stock for different soups.
  • Prepare your vegetable soup with hearty onions.
  • For tasty homemade salad dressing, blend vinegar, olive oil, fresh herbs, and some onions.

Health Benefits of Onions-Conclusion

The health benefits of onions are quite impressive as onions have tons of powerful compounds. These compounds help to reduce the risk of cancers and heart disease among many other health conditions. Onions are versatile and can be added in different ways to your diet. You should definitely add onions to your diet so you can enjoy all these benefits.

Vitamins to Get Pregnant Fast

Searching for vitamins to get pregnant fast? Let’s begin this post by stating an obvious fact. Many couples want to have babies, but not all of them will achieve this goal easily. Studies show that about 20% of women have to continue trying after the first year.

Several issues may cause infertility problems including lack of the necessary vitamins. You should note that there are specific vitamins to get pregnant fast. Nutrition plays a huge role in ensuring that you get pregnant.

In this post, we will discuss different vitamins for both women and men. But first, let’s look at how these nutrients influence your chances of fertility.

How do Nutrients Influence Fertility?

The place of nutrients in ensuring that you get pregnant cannot be overemphasized. Nutrients play an important role in keeping you healthy. Poor health reduces your chances of fertility.

Did you know that certain nutrients help to improve ovulatory function in women? You must have heard of vitamins to help ovulation. Such nutrients indirectly affect your chances of getting pregnant.

We all know that even though nutrients are very important, they are not all-encompassing. Many other factors affect ovulation and getting pregnant. Most of these stem from leading a healthy lifestyle.

For example, being underweight or overweight may cause menstrual disorders. Such disorders could result in a break in the woman’s ovulation. As you know, if a woman doesn’t ovulate, she cannot get pregnant.

As you continue reading, we will discuss certain things you should be aware of regarding vitamins and other nutrients. These will be instrumental in helping you get pregnant.

The Best Foods to Consume While Trying to Get Pregnant

Several studies reveal that high insulin levels in the body may inhibit ovulation. As a result, you should avoid refined carbohydrates as much as you can. Some refined carbohydrates include white rice, cakes, and white bread.

What is the reason for this? Our bodies get to digest these carbohydrates very quickly. The result is that the body converts them to blood sugar. So what should you take instead?

Consume more of complex carbs. These contain more fiber which is healthy. Examples of complex carbs include beans and whole grains. These food items digest slowly thus stabilizing insulin, the hormone that converts carbohydrates to blood sugar.

If you are trying to get pregnant, you need to eat a healthy diet all the time. Your diet should contain proteins, vegetables, fruits, high fiber, and low saturated fats. Some of the best sources of food include beans, quinoa, tofu, nuts, seeds, and lean organic poultry.

There is something you should know. As much as it is great to eat healthily, food alone cannot meet your nutrients need. If you want to get pregnant, you need to take vitamins to get pregnant fast. These vitamins come in the form of supplements that fill up the nutritional gap.

Choosing Your Fertility Vitamins/Supplements

There are so many vitamin supplements out there to help you get pregnant. While this is good news, finding the best supplements may be challenging. It is always important to find supplements that are recognized and approved.

Certain supplements come with an endorsement from the MHRA or THR. We recommend that you take these since they are more trusted. To confirm the endorsements, you can check the labels on the packs.

What Are The Best Vitamins to Get Pregnant?

Leading a healthy lifestyle and eating a balanced diet are important to getting pregnant. Along with these, several vitamins aid fertility. Did you know that there are even vitamins to get pregnant with twins?

Though these vitamins are not completely essential to get pregnant, they help to increase your chances. These vitamins are not for women alone. There are also vitamins for your male partner to help improve fertility.

We have split this section into two, citing the different vitamins and how they influence fertility in both sexes.

Vitamins that aid fertility in women

In this section, we will discuss the most important vitamins that aid your fertility as a woman.

Folic Acid

This is one of the most important vitamins for expecting mothers. Folic acid is also known as Vitamin B9 and it helps to prevent neural tube defects in the baby.

What many don’t know is that folic acid also plays a role in increasing fertility rates. Now that you know this, you should start taking folic acid if you have been trying to get pregnant. You can take it as part of your prenatal vitamin package or as a separate supplement.

Medical personnel even recommend that women should take at least 400 micrograms of folic acid each day. Those who are trying to conceive can raise consumption to 1 milligram per day. The same goes for pregnant women.

Vitamin E

If you are conversant with the ingredients of skin care products, then you know that vitamin E is an important ingredient. It helps to keep the skin healthy and reduce wrinkles. Vitamin E does this by repairing the cells.

Its ability to repair cells is what makes it a vital vitamin for fertility. While it acts as an antioxidant to reduce aging effects, it is also an important nutrient for the ovaries.

If you plan to conceive when you are older, taking vitamin E supplements may be helpful. This will help to support your egg quality. As you know, egg quality is very important to conception and carry to term.

Vitamin D

Exposure to sunlight is still the best source of vitamin D. Many women show a deficiency of this vitamin that is key to developing healthy hormones.

According to medical science, hormones are important signaling or communicating compounds in the body. They create a template that runs the menstrual cycle and the necessary balance during pregnancy.

Fish oil

Fish oil is a very important component of prenatal vitamin supplements. It plays a huge role in the development of the baby’s eyes and brain.

However, the omega-3 acids present in fish oil also help to increase the chances of female fertility. They are mostly taken as fish oil pills and they improve egg quality, an important factor affecting conception.


Selenium is seen by many as the super-vitamin for pregnancy and fertility. The reason for this is that it contains antioxidant powers.

Selenium contains micronutrients that help to keep uterine follicles healthy. This location is where the female body develops and releases eggs.

When selenium is deficient, a woman may experience miscarriages of gestational complications. It may even affect the nervous system in the fetus.

Vitamins That Aid Fertility in Men

Men need vitamins to get pregnant as much as women do. There are certain vitamins that a man trying to get pregnant with his partner should take. Check some of them out below:

Folic Acid

Did you think folic acid was important for women alone? You should think again. Men who are trying to get their partners pregnant must consume folic acid.

They can get the required amounts from vitamin supplements to complement what they get from their food. Folic acid improves sperm health and will have effects on the offspring as well.


Like we stated above, selenium has very strong antioxidant properties. This makes it just as important for men trying to boost their fertility.

Selenium deficiency in men may lead to reduced semen quality and sperm motility. According to several pieces of research, infertile men who took selenium along with vitamin E showed improvements. They had better conception rates and sperm motility.

Fish oil

Fish oil contains omega-3 fatty acids that play a key role in improving male fertility. Men who are hoping to raise their chances of impregnating their partners should take 200 milligrams twice a day. Doing this helps to improve the quality of their semen.


Zinc is one of the most important vitamins to get pregnant for males. Here’s the blatant truth. If zinc levels are low in a man, sperm quality and count are almost always low too.

How do you know that you are deficient in zinc? Simple. Check your nails. If there are white spots, you may be suffering from zinc deficiency.

To get your daily fix of zinc, you should take 66 milligrams of zinc along with 5 milligrams of folic acid. This will help to increase sperm count significantly.


This vitamin is as important in men as it is in women that seek to conceive. According to research results, CoQ10 helps to improve sperm morphology and increase sperm count. The recommendation for men is that you take 200 milligrams two times a day. This will help you increase semen quality.

Taking Multivitamin Formulation

Both women and their partners can get their vitamins to get pregnant fixes from the multivitamin formulation. These supplements contain all the necessary vitamins that will help a couple get a baby.

Beyond optimizing your chances of pregnancy, the formulation promotes normal fetal development. Finally, they keep the mother safe during pregnancy.


This post has shown you the required vitamins to get pregnant for both males and females. We have also shown you what you should check for when choosing your vitamin supplements. Do you have any questions? Drop them in the comments section.

Anti-Aging Foods With Proven Result

We all will prefer to stay young forever if we could. While anti-aging elixirs are only a myth, anti-aging foods are not. With these foods, you can keep your skin looking fresh, tender, and wrinkle-free.

The first step to having ageless skin is eating healthily. We know that it might be a little difficult to find the best foods to keep you looking young. This is why we have put together this list of anti-aging foods to help you.

Anti-aging foods to add to your diet

Packing your diet with the right foods will set the foundation for great skin. These foods contain water, healthy fats, antioxidants, and all the essential nutrients you need. Eat these and your body expresses gratitude with fresh skin.

According to researchers, vegetables and fruits are about the healthiest and safest foods to prevent fine lines and dull complexions. Are you ready to get great skin? Here are the best foods you can eat:


There are so many health benefits embedded in watercress. Here’s what you get from watercress:

  1. Calcium
  2. Phosphorus
  3. Manganese
  4. Potassium
  5. Vitamins A, B-1, B-2, C, and K.

What does watercress do to your skin? It acts as an antiseptic that works from the inside out. Watercress also increases the delivery and circulation of minerals toevery cell in your body. The result of this is improved oxygenation of your skin.

Watercress also contains antioxidants that help to neutralize free radicals that are harmful to your skin. This way, your skin is free from wrinkles and fine lines. You can add watercress to your salad to improve your skin and overall health.

By the way, watercress also aids digestion and boosts immunity. It also supports your thyroid gland with adequate iodine.

Red Bell Pepper

This is one of the best anti-aging foods out there. Red bell peppers contain lots of antioxidants that protect your skin from aging. Firstly, they contain lots of vitamin C that help to produce the collagen your skin needs.

Red bell peppers also contain strong antioxidants known as carotenoids. These pigments are found in plants and they are the source of the red, orange, and yellow colors in veggies and fruits.

Besides all of these, red bell peppers possess strong anti-inflammatory properties. These properties perform several functions including protecting your skin from pollution, environmental toxins, and sun damage.

Here’s a recipe you can try. Slice your peppers then dip them as a snack into some hummus. You can also add them to your salad. Finally, you can cook them as a stir-fry.


Wondering why we have papaya on our list of anti-aging foods? It shouldn’t be considering that this fruit contains lots of vitamins, minerals, and antioxidants. What good does this do to your skin? It reduces the wrinkles and fine lines on your skin while improving skin elasticity.

What are the nutrients you get from papaya? Here’s a list below:

  1. B vitamins
  2. Phosphorus
  3. Magnesium
  4. Potassium
  5. Calcium
  6. Vitamins A, C, K, and E.

The nutrients in papaya help your skin combat damage from free radicals thus delaying aging. An enzyme known as papain is present in papaya. This enzyme provides you extra benefits to protect your skin from aging. Check through the ingredients of many exfoliating products and you’ll find papain.

If you have ever had doubts about eating papaya, we hope this has cleared up your doubt. Papaya will help your skin shed dead cells and leave you with vibrant glowing skin.

You can get yourself a plate of papaya and drizzle some fresh lime juice over it. Take this as breakfast to enjoy the benefits. You can also use papaya as a mask when you are home alone.


Blueberries contain vitamins A and C. They also contain an abundance of anthocyanin which is a strong antioxidant. This antioxidant is what gives blueberries their characteristic blue color.

Their antioxidant abilities make them strong agents that keep your skin glowing. They’ll help to protect your skin from damage that may result from stress, the sun, and pollution. It also protects your skin from collagen loss.

Make a low-sugar fruit smoothie early in the morning with delicious blueberries. We are sure that you will be glad you did.


Want an anti-aging food that is full of anti-inflammatory properties? Look no further than broccoli. This food is full of so many antioxidants along with many other nutrients. These include:

  1. Folate
  2. Fiber
  3. Vitamins C and K
  4. Lutein
  5. Calcium

One of the most important nutrients for great skin is vitamin C. This nutrient helps your skin to synthesize collagen, the protein that provides your skin with elasticity and strength.

Here are a few ways to add broccoli to your diet. You can eat it raw as a snack or steam it gently before you eat. Guess what, cooked broccoli presents you with a lot more health benefits than you can imagine.

The lutein present in broccoli helps to preserve brain function. Calcium and vitamin K are important for the health and development of strong bones and teeth. They also prevent osteoporosis. Amazing benefits you’ll enjoy just by eating broccoli.


This is another very important food to keep your skin healthy, fresh, and wrinkle-free. Just like broccoli, spinach is packed with lots of antioxidants. These antioxidants replenish and oxygenate your whole body. Other nutrients present in spinach include:

  1. Magnesium
  2. Vitamins A, C, E, and K
  3. Heme iron (plant-based)
  4. Lutein

Spinach is a versatile leafy green that helps your body synthesize collagen because of its high vitamin C content. This keeps your skin smooth and firm. There is also vitamin A that promotes shiny, strong hair. Vitamin K helps you to reduce inflammation in body cells.

You can add a few handfuls of spinach to your smoothies, saute, or salad. Check the internet for more ideas about adding this amazing leafy green to your diet.


Nuts are known for their very high content of vitamin E, especially almonds. As you know, this vitamin is responsible for repairing the skin tissue and retaining skin moisture. It also protects your skin from the damaging effects of ultraviolet rays.

Walnuts, another crowd favorite, contain a lot of anti-inflammatory omega-3 fatty acids. These acids help in strengthening the membranes of your skin cells. They also protect against sun damage and give your skin an attractive glow. The last function is a result of the preservation of the skin’s natural oil barrier.

To add nuts to your anti-aging diet, you can sprinkle some nuts over your salads. You can also eat them as snacks but be careful not to eat them in excess. Just so you know, nuts also help to protect you from heart disease, cognitive decline, and type 2 diabetes.


Avocados are also very important anti-aging foods, asides being great for encouraging weight loss. They contain a lot of inflammation-combating fatty acids. These help to promote and maintain supple and smooth skin.

Avocados also contain several essential nutrients to keep your skin from aging. Some of these nutrients include potassium, B vitamins, and vitamins A, E, C, and K.

As a result of the high vitamin A content of avocados, the skin finds it easy to get rid of dead cells. The result of this is gorgeous and glowing skin. Avocados are also high in carotenoid content. The carotenoid blocks damaging toxins from the rays of the sun while protecting your skin from cancers.

You can add some avocado to your smoothies or salads or simply eat it alone with a spoon. There are so many ways to add avocados to your diet. Asides eating them, you can use them as face masks to help combat inflammation, prevent wrinkles, and reduce redness.

Sweet potatoes

Sweet potatoes have their orange color because of an antioxidant known as beta-carotene. This antioxidant is converted in the body into vitamin A. With this vitamin, your skin regains elasticity and removes dead skin cells. With this, you are assured of soft and youthful skin.

Sweet potatoes are delicious but beyond this, they provide you with vitamins E and C. Both vitamins help to protect your skin from the effects of free radicals which helps to maintain your complexion.

You can make sweet potato toast and eat it as a breakfast or as a snack. This is one food you can eat at any time of the year.

Pomegranate seeds

Guess what, these seeds have been used for healing for several centuries. They contain lots of vitamin C and very strong antioxidants. As a result, they’ll provide you protection from damage resulting from free radicals and protect your skin from inflammation.

Pomegranate seeds contain punicalagin that helps your skin preserve collagen and slow down the aging process. You can sprinkle some pomegranate seeds over your spinach salad.


Nourish your skin with these anti-aging foods to begin looking your best. The best way to keep your skin healthy is by eating healthily and we suggest you eat more fruits and veggies. If you have any that we didn’t mention, you can share them in the comments section.

Best Foods For Weight Loss

Searching for the best foods for weight loss? Have had you been trying to lose weight for a long time to no avail? You’ve gone to the gym, changing your lifestyle, yet none of your efforts is paying off? Probably what you need to do is tweak your diet.

With our list of the best foods for weight loss, you can achieve your aim. Here’s something you should know, food is very important on your weight loss journey. Different foods have varying effects on your body’s metabolism.

Eating the right diet will help improve your chances of losing weight. We have researched and will share some natural weight loss foods with you in this post. Grab a seat and let’s begin our journey.

Healthy Food List

The food you eat has different effects on your hormones, the calories you can burn, and your hunger levels. Calories are not all the same so which ones are healthy enough to help you lose weight. Based on research, these are some of the healthiest foods for weight loss.

Whole Eggs

Once upon a time, there was a scare that eggs raised our cholesterol levels and so were not healthy. Guess what, they are making a great comeback after research has added some clarity to the picture.

Now, we are not saying that consuming eggs excessively is healthy. In some people, it raises their LDL-cholesterol to dangerous levels. However, if you want to lose weight, they are among the best foods to help your cause. How come?

Two major reasons. First, they contain lots of healthy fats and proteins. The second reason is that they are very filling and satiating. When you eat whole eggs, you are likely to stay full for longer periods.

Studies carried on 30 women who were overweight showed that they ate less when they ate eggs for breakfast. The eggs increased their feeling of fullness. Further studies revealed that they lost weight over eight weeks.

Scared that you won’t get enough nutrients? Don’t worry, eggs are full of all the nutrients you need for a calorie-restricted diet. By the way, the yolk contains most of the nutrients in an egg.

Leafy Greens

Several greens fall into this category including spinach, kale, collards, and swiss chards. They are among the best foods for weight loss because of several properties that they possess.

Firstly, leafy greens have low-calorie content. They also contain very little carbohydrates while containing lots of fiber.

With leafy greens, you can eat a lot while maintaining a low-calorie diet. The result of this is that you’ll satisfy your hunger and get enough nutrients to keep you healthy.

Here’s another reason to add leafy greens to your diet. They contain a whole lot of nutrients especially vitamins, minerals, and antioxidants. One such mineral is calcium which has shown great results in aiding weight loss according to some studies.


Salmon is a fatty fish, so why should it be on this list if the aim is to lose weight? Hold on. Salmon contains very few calories, however, it keeps you full for long periods. Aside from this fact, salmon has a huge load of healthy fats, quality protein, and many other nutrients.

One important fact you should know is that salmon provides you with iodine in healthy quantities. This helps to facilitate the proper functioning of the thyroid gland. Wondering why this is important? The thyroid gland is responsible for the optimal running of your body metabolism.

This fish also contains lots of omega-3 fatty acids. These acids play a huge role in reducing inflammation and dealing with metabolic disease and obesity. There are other fatty fish that also possess these abilities and are natural foods for weight loss. Some of them include sardines, trout, mackerel, and herring.

Cruciferous vegetables

Several vegetables fall into this category including cabbage broccoli, Brussels sprouts, and cauliflower. These vegetables are very satisfying because of their incredibly high fiber content.

Guess what, they also contain quite an amount of protein. However, the protein content of these vegetables is not close to what you’ll find in animal food or legumes.

The combination of low energy density, fiber, and proteins is what makes cruciferous vegetables healthy for weight loss. We can’t forget to mention that they also contain substances proven to fight cancers.

Chicken breast and lean beef

No doubt, meat has gotten a lot of bad reviews when it comes to body weight. Asides this, it has carries the blame for so many health problems even without substantial evidence.

So what’s the deal with meat and why is it on our list of best foods for weight loss? We all know that processed meat isn’t healthy. However, according to research, unprocessed red meat doesn’t cause diabetes or heart disease.

In fact, it doesn’t cause cancers in women and may contribute only a little quota to cancer in men. What’s the bottom line? Meat is actually friendly to your weight loss program.

Why do we think so? It contains lots of proteins that keep you full for long periods. Just by eating protein diets, you can burn between 80 and 100 calories every day. By eating protein, it is possible to reduce cravings by about 60% plus it kills the desire to snack during the night.

Fatty meats are great for a low-carb diet while lean meats work wonders for moderate or high carbohydrate diet. Use this food to replace some carbs in your diet to help you lose that weight.

Boiled Potatoes

For some interesting reason, white potatoes are out of favor these days. However, this food possesses several qualities that make it one of the best natural foods for weight loss.

One of the first things, you should note about potatoes is their range of nutrients. They kind of contain a little of just about everything you need. No wonder, we’ve heard of people who exist on proteins alone for long periods.

Potatoes contain a lot of potassium, this is one nutrient most people lack but is very important to controlling blood pressure. When you eat potatoes, you’ll stay full for longer periods which keeps you from eating between meals.

Potatoes form a certain resistant starch in high amounts when they cool after you boil them. This substance presents you with several health benefits, one of which is weight loss. Asides white potatoes, you can also consider turnips, sweet potatoes, and many other root vegetables.

Legumes and Beans

Some legumes and beans are very beneficial to your weight loss program. They include kidney beans, black beans, and lentils to mention a few.

Why are they so important to your weight loss regimen? It is because they are high in fiber and proteins. Both nutrients are very important to weight loss because they keep us fuller for longer.

Also, these foods contain resistant starch which has so many health benefits as well. There’s a little challenge. Some find it difficult to tolerate legumes. We advise that you find the best ways to prepare these foods.


Nuts contain a lot of fat so naturally, they shouldn’t be good for weight loss. Here’s the good news, despite their fat content, nuts contain a healthy balance of fiber and protein. By the way, the fats present in nuts are referred to as healthy fats.

As a result, nuts are healthy snacks that help to maintain metabolic health. Beyond this, they’ll help you to lose weight. Despite being so healthy, too much of everything is bad. This means you have to be careful with eating nuts. Don’t go overboard because they contain a fair amount of calories which is not too healthy.

Whole Grains

Many cereals have been tagged as unhealthy over the last few decades. But further studies show that not all of them are culprits. We have some cereals that present us with amazing health benefits.

These whole grains contain lots of fiber and protein in decent amounts. Vivid examples are brown rice, quinoa, and oats. Oats contain beta-glucans which are soluble fibers that increase satiety while improving metabolic health.

White and brown rice contains healthy amounts of resistant starch. You’ll even get more when you cook the rice and leave it to cool for a while.

Here’s something you should hold onto. Avoid refined grains because they are not so healthy. Basically, some of the foods with “whole grains” on their labels are simply processed junk. They are unhealthy and will make you add weight instead.

Full-fat Yogurt

Yogurt is something you should add to your healthy foods list. Many classes of yogurt contain probiotic bacteria. These bacteria help to improve gut function.

This improves your leptin resistance and protects you from inflammation. It is best to consume yogurt that contains active live cultures. Other types don’t contain probiotics. Avoid low-fat yogurt because it contains artificial sweeteners which are unhealthy.


In this post, we have given you a list of the best foods for weight loss. There are many others and here’s the best way to find them. They contain lots of fiber, proteins, and healthy fats. Combine these foods with regular exercise and you’ll be losing that weight steadily.


Best Supplements For Women

Searching for the best supplements for women? The human body needs certain vitamins and minerals, among other nutrients. Women especially need certain nutrients to maintain their youthful look and body metabolism. So you shouldn’t only depend on moisturizer, sunscreen, or anti-wrinkle cream to stay fresh.

This is why we put together this list of the best supplements for women. We will also tell you why you should use supplements among other key pieces of information. Are you ready to get healthier? Let get to the crux of this post.

What are Supplements?

Supplements are also known as dietary, nutritional, or food supplements. The idea behind these supplements is to provide nutrients that are scarce in the regular foods we eat.

Supplements can be minerals, vitamins, fatty acids, amino acids, as well as many other substances. They come in the form of tablets, pills, liquids, capsules, etc. Supplements are sold over the counter but there are specific daily dosages.

Best Essential Nutrients For Women

It is important to ensure that you are protected from the inside out. While you shouldn’t neglect your external appearance, you must also care for your body’s metabolism. We have put together a list of the essential nutrients that women need in this section.

The Bone Builder – Calcium

Calcium is one of the most important nutrients needed by the body. This nutrient is present in milk along with other dairy products in high quantities. By way of measurement, a woman’s body weight is made up of 1% calcium.

When you consider this fact, it shows how important calcium is to your existence. Calcium is present in teeth and bones. But why do women need to take lots of calcium?

Firstly, women are more at risk to suffer from osteoporosis than men. The ratio is four women to one man. So women must get sufficient calcium to ensure healthy bones and teeth.

Secondly, calcium is very important in muscle and heart action. It also plays a role in regular cell function and blood clotting.

Who needs to take calcium supplements? All women do but here’s a list of those who need it more:

  1. Women in their teens since about 90% of bone mass in adulthood is attained at 18-years-old. This may extend to the late 20s when peak bone mass is achieved.
  2. Women above 30-years-old because they tend to lose bone strength and mass as they age.
  3. Menopausal women and those in postmenopausal stages. Calcium is very important during this period because bone loss accelerates with a reduction in the production of estrogen.

So how much calcium supplements should you take? 500 milligrams is great for women that are below 50-years-old. Take this along with foods that are rich in calcium.

A woman older than 50 should take between 800 and 1000 milligrams along with calcium-rich foods. You should consider splitting the dosage between morning and evening.

Heart-Healthy – Fish Oil

Fish oil contains Omega-3 vitamins such as docosahexaenoic and eicosapentaenoic acids. You can get these from mackerels, herrings, tunas, salmons, and sardines.

The challenge is that our body cannot synthesize these acids. Many women don’t have enough of these acids since they don’t eat lots of fish for several reasons. The most common reasons for avoiding fish include dislike for flavor and fear of contaminants and heavy metals.

Omega-3s help to keep the blood vessels and our hearts healthy. They also assist the body to reduce the circulation of triglycerides which reduces the risk of heart disease. Omega-3s support our joints, optimize brain function, and reduce inflammation. It also saves us from depression and moodiness according to several pieces of research.

Who needs fish oil supplements? Same as above, all women do. Let’s check out those that need it more:

  1. Women that don’t eat enough fish.
  2. Those who are at a higher risk of cardiovascular diseases.
  3. Pregnant women and nursing mothers. They need it to enhance the brain development of their babies.
  4. Overweight women.

How much of the supplements should you take? A gram of DHA and EPA each day is very helpful. Women with higher triglyceride levels may consider between 2 or 3 grams based on advice from their physician.

If you are pregnant or a nursing mother, you should seek a prescription from your physician. Also, if you have fish allergies, stay away from these supplements.

Think Green – Folate

This one of the best supplements for women. Folate is a water-soluble B vitamin. Foods like fruits and leaves contain a lot of folates.

Folate is one of the best multivitamins for women because it helps to enhance physical appearance. Without it, the cells find it difficult to synthesize DNA without which they will malfunction. Cells cannot even generate new cells like hair or skin.

Pregnant women need folate to prevent neural tube abnormalities like spina bifida in the fetus. Folate also helps to maintain homocysteine at normal levels in the blood.

So who needs folate supplements? All women need this supplement especially those who are still bearing children. Pregnant women need to take prenatal supplements that contain folate.

Women need about 400 micrograms each day. Those who are pregnant need about double this dosage every day. If you are pregnant and need to take other supplements, speak to your gynecologist or obstetrician.

The Energizers – B Vitamins

B Vitamins are among the best supplements for women you should have in your corner. Several vitamins fall into this category such as:

  1. B1 – Thiamin
  2. B2 – Riboflavin
  3. B3 – Niacin
  4. B5 – Pantothenic acid
  5. B6 – Pyridoxine
  6. B12 Cobalamin
  7. Biotin

You will find all of these in different foods such as vegetables, grains, and fruits. B12 is only found in milk, fish, and meat.

Why are these supplements important? Active women burn up to 2000 calories every day. To replenish this energy, you need B Vitamins. It is more like you are restocking your energy bank. B12 and B6 help in reducing the risk of heart diseases by maintaining low homocysteine levels.

Biotin helps in maintaining long and healthy hair. Finally, B6 reduces PMS symptoms, though this is not clinically proven yet.

Who needs B Vitamin supplements? Every adult woman but especially:

  1. Women that exercise daily or burn a lot of calories each day.
  2. Those above 50-years should consume more vitamin B12. This is because aging makes it difficult for the body to absorb this nutrient directly from food.

Age Gracefully – Coenzyme Q10

This nutrient is fat-soluble and it is present in several foods like fish and meats. It is very important because of its anti-oxidant properties. Also, it provides lots of energy needed to run cells in the body.

Coenzyme Q10 protects a woman from aging prematurely and supports healthy blood vessels and hearts. So which women need this supplement?

  1. Those who are more at risk of heart disease or cancers. If you are already undergoing treatment for any of these then speak to your physician first.
  2. Strict vegetarians. This is because the chief sources of this nutrient are fish and meat.

Regular dosage should fall between 30 and 100 milligrams daily. If you have to take more then split it into two servings or more.

Should You Take Vitamin or Mineral Supplements?

Now that we have discussed the best supplements for women, it is important to answer this question. The truth is that not all women need to take mineral or vitamin supplements. By eating healthy, you should have access to most of these nutrients, if not all.

However, three sets of women may need to take these supplements to remain healthy. They are:

  1. Pregnant women or those who are still within child-bearing age. Supplements provide you folic acid if you fall into this category. Folic acid is important to reduce the risks of birth defects.
  2. Postmenopausal women. Women naturally lose bone density as they cross the menopause line. This is because of the hormonal changes they experience. Thus, it is important to consume the necessary supplements to reduce the risk of osteoporosis.
  3. There are certain vitamins that the body draws from animal sources. If you are a vegetarian then you need to create a balance by sourcing these nutrients from supplements.

Regardless of your class, it is always important to speak to your physician before you begin taking supplements. This gives you a clear picture of which you should take and how much.

Is it Safe to Take Dietary Supplements?

Not every woman is convinced that it is safe to take supplements even if they are the best supplements for women. Let’s clear the air. Most supplements are safe. It is important to speak to your nurse or doctor to be sure of which to take.

While supplements are safe, some of them render prescription drugs useless. This is because in some cases, they interact with the drugs or break down faster than they should.

Best Supplements For Women – Conclusion

Now you know the best supplements for women. We have shown you who needs them and in what doses. While it is safe to take supplements, you should always seek advice from your physician. This is very important, especially if you are taking treatment for an ailment.